Customer Support

The after-sales service dept of Protechnic provides innovative service solutions. Our service teams discussions with customers’ product development teams to plan long-term after-sales service programs. Thus, at product launch time, customers confidently enter the market knowing their valuable brand image will be maintained in the marketplace through efficiently managed product support programs.

Each product has different service needs and the needs may differ per market. Protechnic works closely with customers and customers’ other existing service partners to develop the optimum after-sales service program for each product. We will lead the service function and supporting role, depending on customer’s existing service plans in each market.

Advanced IT solutions allow Protechnic to manage every aspect of the service chain in real-time on a global basis and link closely with related outside parties. Service teams link directly into customers’ and other service providers’ ERP and SCM systems providing the most efficient exchange of information. Interfacing collaboration allows for maximum efficiency in dealing with complex reverse logistics.